Impacting Environmental Sustainability & Cultural Awareness 


In honor of Earth Day, we're thrilled to unveil MCH Group's 2023 Annual Sustainability Report alongside the MC² U.S. Summary. These reports offer a comprehensive glimpse into our steadfast dedication to sustainable practices and our strides in minimizing our environmental footprint throughout the past year. 

We take immense pride in our accomplishments, from meticulously collecting and analyzing environmental data on energy usage and emissions to bolstering support for new parents with comprehensive paid leave benefits. Additionally, our commitment to nurturing talent through our inclusive internship program, Squared Effect, fosters a culture of continual growth and development among our workforce to stand as a testament to our values.  

These initiatives not only benefit our local communities and the planet but also underscore our unwavering dedication to long-term success. Looking forward, we remain steadfast in our resolve to further diminish our carbon footprint, refine our waste management protocols, and champion diversity and inclusion within our organization.  

We invite you to delve into our achievements and future endeavors by visiting our annual reports.