Ben Nazario Pegged As Chief Growth Officer


Paramus, NJ – As MC² looks to capitalize an awakening industry within the events space, growth and productivity will continue to be two pivotal areas that require the most attention. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce Ben Nazario as our Chief Growth Officer.

With over 25+ years of experience and countless industry-driven honors, MC²’s leadership and its Board Members welcomed Ben as the favored candidate for this role to ensure our company’s growth is championed by the right individual. This role will see Ben dedicate his attention across Marketing, Business Development, Strategy, and Creative ensuring every facet of the business work as one voice with one goal: bringing MC² to new heights domestically and internationally.

Regarding his new role, Ben Nazario states, “This company has always been home. I’m excited to have a significant influence in launching our brand into new heights around a team of influential and talented individuals from top to bottom.”


Echoing Ben’s comments is long-time friend and colleague, Rich McAdam:

Having witnessed Ben’s growth within the industry, there is no other individual I rather see catapult our brand to the next level, both personally and professionally. I’m thrilled to see Ben succeed in this role for years to come.

- Rich McAdam, Chief Executive Officer
With this announcement, MC² is poised to continue establishing itself as an industry-known and reputable brand specializing in award winning, first-class experiences for its clients and partners alike. Please join us in congratulating Ben in his new role as Chief Growth Officer! * * *