Getting Squared Away with MC² 


MC²' is proud to announce a first for our company and brand – an industry-focused podcast called Squared Away; Powered by MC² debuting on Wednesday, January 31, 2024.


What can Squared Away listeners look forward to every month?

Easy! Each episode of Squared Away echos the pulse of innovation and the collective voice of event experience leaders, all while having some laughs every step of the way.  


Squared Away isn’t just a podcast; it's a symphony of ideas, experiences, and forward-thinking discussions that shape the live marketing industry. Watch how our renowned events and projects are created by experienced experts and influential figures from both brands and agencies, blending industry culture with insightful storiesSquared Away offers more than just industry insights; it provides a direct line to the strategies, challenges, and achievements that define our work.  


MC²'s podcast premiere takes listeners behind the scenes of CES (Consumer Electronic Show), the Super Bowl of the tech and live marketing industry. Join host, Bruno Silva, VP of Marketing, as he sits down with MC²'s CES powerhouses, Chris Gilbert and Nicole Caporale, unpacking the innovative strategies behind MC²'s award-winning presence. 


Get ready to be inspired by our experts' journey from conception to execution. Tune in this Wednesday!