Posted May 01, 2017

MCH acquisition: an industry perspective

MC² is excited about this new chapter as part of the MCH Group. Under the new ownership, MC² remains an independent company within MCH Group’s Live Marketing Solutions division. We will continue to work with our clients and will provide the same innovative creative design and consultation, top quality build and installation, and the highest level of personalized service that we’re known for.  And, we will maintain our current brand identity and brand design.

Simply put, MC² is not going away or folding into a different company. So what’s different?

Expanded Global Capabilities

With our new parent company, we are able to serve both local and global clients. For our clients, they will benefit from new expanded global capabilities.

Ownership by a Global Industry Leader

MC² will have the backing and support of a leading international live marketing company with a reputation for experience, quality, and high-performance.

Who is MCH Group?

Based in Basel, Switzerland, MCH Group is a leading international live marketing company with a comprehensive services network spanning the entire exhibition and event market. It takes in the exhibition companies in Basel, Zurich and Lausanne and organizes around 40 exhibitions, including the globally leading Art Basel shows in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong, as well as the luxury watch and jewelry show—Baselworld.

MC² will be part of MCH Global Live Marketing Solutions, which is one of the three business divisions of MCH. Live Marketing Solutions is managed by Jean-Marc Devaud, who is a member of the Executive Board of MCH Group and CEO of Live Marketing Solutions.

Additionally, MCH is in the same business as MC², making serious strides to capture new opportunities and a great need for servicing their existing enterprises and clients. This new alliance comes with exciting opportunities and benefits.

MC² Wins Two Communicator Awards of Excellence
MC² acquired by MCH, global live marketing company

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