Turning a Blank Space Into a Fanuc Experience

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MC² is no stranger to creating displays, experiences and lasting impressions on the tradeshow floor, but what about creating environments for the day to day? When FANUC, a global robotics company, came to us with a blank canvas, MC² was confident it could deliver. 


The ASK: From a Blank Canvas to an Immersive Experience

The ask? Turn a massive new property slated for manufacturing into a welcoming space to complement their corporate offices in Michigan. Our overarching goal was to stay true to FANUC’s corporate vision– using robotics and automation to power brands across the spectrum. As industry experts, MC² applied its 50 years of experience to strike that balance of hi-tech and high-touch.

With only a cement floor, 29-foot ceilings, and the natural environment, MC² began the journey of creating a vivid space reflective of FANUC’s 40-year history and also embody the look and feel of its massive operation (1 million square feet) in Oakland County, MI.  


The CHALLENGE: Building from the Ground Up

Turning the U.S. headquarters into a state of the art space that compliments the Japan-based company was no small feat. When asked to transform an unmanned lobby into a welcoming place for employees, MC² needed an “all hands on deck” approach. Starting with a blank canvas, both client and agency began collaborating on many different ideas before a final concept was realized. 

Using organic, textured materials, MC² achieved the desired result of adding warmth to an industrial environment.   

By breaking up the space into well-defined work and seating areas, MC² was able to address the first challenge of maximizing the impact of this massive space.  Designers combined technical demands of wiring for screens and tablets with the use of rounded seating and a rotating globe to soften angles and give a purpose to every inch available.  

The second challenge was to use the vertical height to our advantage.  The 29-foot ceilings added natural light but did not connect with a cold cement floor. We embraced this design element and took full advantage of the wooded landscape outside to inspire the work. MC² brought in plants to continue a natural theme, added wood panels and used neutral furniture for a cohesive look.

The third challenge? Location, location, location. Design and installation needed to happen on their ground and not within our facilities.  We worked closely with our client to communicate changes and address demands so that no time was wasted and no detail went unchecked for an onsite build.



  •     Artistic and Technical Designers working together
  •     Agency and Client collaboration achieved
  •     Press and praise from local and state officials
  •     The opportunity to transform other offices


Ultimately, we achieved our most important goal: a satisfied client that is as excited to use the space, as we were to create it!

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