Toyota Goes Outside the Box at HUBweek [Case Study]

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MC2 creates an unforgettable and interactive experience with Toyota at Hubweek.



HUBweek, a civic collaboration and weeklong festival that celebrates innovations in art, science and technology, brings together the most creative and inventive companies and individuals from around the world. So what better place could there be for Toyota to promote its Prius Prime hybrid electric vehicle and its hydrogen-powered Mirai, which is scheduled for roll out over the next year? The question was: How?



As a HUBweek sponsor, Toyota has a history of pursuing significant advancements to achieve sustainable, next-generation mobility— often by thinking outside the box. In keeping with this, MC2 decided to take Toyota’s Mirai out of the box, literally.



HUBweek took place on Boston’s City Plaza with outdoor architecture that included geodesic domes and 60 full-sized shipping containers that served as outdoor “booths.”  MC2 created a chrome-wrapped Mirai and crane-lifted it to the top of the container, where it sat on a specially engineered “tray.” RGB color cycle, LED lights, oversized incandescent-looking bulbs illuminated the car, and lighting posts with overhead branding surrounded it, making the Mirai a beacon at the event.

The chrome-wrapped Mirai pre-launch exhibit


Full sized shipping containers with Toyota-centric wall detailing


One side of the container featured an outdoor lounge with a charging table for mobile devices, while the back was set aside for a VR experience. A special paper, coated to remove nitrogen dioxide from the air and turn it into harmless nitrogen and oxygen, was used for all the graphics and to wrap the box exterior. But MC2 didn’t stop with just an outside the box idea; the inside deserved unique touches, too. Situated directly beneath the vehicle above, a lightbox showing the underside of the Mirai was mounted on the ceiling, giving visitors the illusion they were seeing into the car above. Attendees also could take 360° virtual tours of the hydrogen fuel cell technology powering the Mirai. And spotlighting Toyota’s self-imposed 30-year commitment to a cleaner future, giveaway magnets dotted the box’s interior, challenging visitors to become more environmentally aware.



Throughout the event, the glistening chrome finish on the Mirai drew attendees to Toyota’s installation. The outside — and inside — of the box generated 300 product leads, 75 test drives and more than 10,000 impressions.

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