Toyota Educates HubWeek Fans with Experiential Activation

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HubWeek was born from a simple mission. To build a better future. For 3 days, thousands of the world’s top brainpower in the fields of art, science, and technology came together on this common premise. Toyota reached out for our help to showcase their latest innovative hydrogen fuel-cell technology, in their bid to help change the world for the better.


The Ask

Toyota was back as a festival sponsor in 2019 to educate consumers about the emerging and constantly evolving hydrogen fuel-cell technology, as well as their overarching sustainability initiative, the “Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.”


The Experiential Strategy for Toyota

Our experiential team worked round-the-clock to make this activation one that ignited creativity and moved people to innovative action. We started with a discovery session with our client’s teams to absorb their dream activation, learn of goals and be wary of concerns for the show. This part was integral to our thought process as a team, where we made sure our client’s needs and aspirations evolved into head-turning events that create memories and instill values.

With data from the discovery session, we got together for an in-house brainstorming session involving a selected team of creative and event producers, technology experts, and experiential analysts.  The focus was to infuse technology with Toyota’s latest developments in hydrogen fuel-cell, all under a smart education experience.  Collaborating ideas, thoughts and combined creativity to come together with an innovative experiential strategy. It took weeks of burning the midnight oil, but we finally got a go-ahead from Toyota to begin.


Toyota transforms HubWeek

The footprint this year contained two 40-foot shipping containers, adjacent to each other with an overhead canopy. This specific layout allowed the space to envelop guests in a tunnel-like effect, and also protect attendees from the always unpredictable elements of Boston’s changing weather. The container interiors were built out into four 20-foot quadrants, each with their own custom Toyota experience.


Registration and lounge

An anchor of the Ride and Drive component of the event, this area served guests with an opportunity to register for a test drive of a Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle.


Guests registered through a tablet before being accompanied by a Toyota product specialist to the adjacent vehicles parked on the city street.



Guests could either drive the vehicle or take a ride with other passengers while being guided by Toyota specialists who were driving and narrating, while they completed a 5-10 minute tour around the Seaport. The lounge area served as a place for guests to chill and charge their phones/devices while they waited for their drive. During the course of the event, a total of 65 drives were completed.



A Photo Op Full of Wings 

A play on the Instagrammable Angel Wing mural moments, this installation creatively incorporated the actual doors of a Toyota Mirai. With a vibrant colored wings pattern overlayed on the doors, to mimic the look and feel of an angel wings moment, this was an unforgettable selfie experience.



The idea behind the Toyota Mirai doors as wings was that the vehicle itself plays a part in Toyota’s vision of a sustainable future and being a zero-emission vehicle. Over 100 images were socially shared and the social buzz kept growing.


Fuel Cell Workshop

This area harnessed a DIY experience by allowing guests to physically assemble a fully functional, small-scale Hydrogen Fuel Cell car kit. The kit incorporated a mini fuel cells taking in hydrogen and making electricity to power an electric motor that could propel the car up to at least 50ft. A highly engaging experience that guests enjoyed being a part of.



Guests were guided by a fuel cell educator who assisted them in their assembly and provided demonstrations on the fundamentals of the technology and how they correlate to real-world applications.



After completion of the kit, guests were allowed to take away their assembled kit car in a branded baggie with product literature.  Over 300 kits were distributed over the course of the event.


AR Challenge

Bringing technology and sustainability together for an unforgettable experience, we complemented Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050 (TEC2050) initiative by developing a digital gamified education experience that leveraged Augmented Reality and the novel memory match game.



The fundamentals of a memory match game is a challenge in itself, and rightfully so, we themed a version of the game to help tell the story of TEC2050.



What ensued was curious guests taking the challenge, exerting brain power through their fingertips via a fixed pedestal mounted tablet. The game’s interface allowed guests to see a memory match game board, augmented life-size onto the container wall, at some 20’x 8’ feet high.



Through sounds and visual cues in the application, guests would do their best Vanna White and digitally flip game pieces to reveal the other side and seek out matching sets before the digital time clock expired. There were six sets of matching three game pieces, totaling 18, each set representing one of the six challenges of TEC2050;

(1) reducing carbon emissions in vehicles,

(2) reducing carbon emissions in-vehicle life cycles,

(3) reducing carbon emissions in manufacturing plant operations,

(4) reducing water consumption and optimizing water usage,

(5) improving recycling-based systems, and

(6) establishing a future society in harmony with nature.



For each of these six challenges, Toyota presented itself as a corporation that thrives on making sustainability a collaboration rather than a single-minded effort. The goal with the challenge game was to inform guests and inspire them on how everyone can find solutions within themselves to contribute to one or more of these challenges.

Upon completion of the game, matching all six sets, guests would receive a branded beanie as a takeaway. For guests who were not able to match all the sets within the time limit, they were given a consolation prize; branded seed cards that contained embedded wildflower seeds, allowing you to plant and pot the card itself. Overall, there were 600 beanies and over 1,000 seeds cards distributed.



As we wrapped up HubWeek, one of the best learnings we had was that working as a team with the client is what really brings the best infusion of experiences for attendees. With Toyota, we saw a display of technology, creative thinking, experiential strategy and strong collaboration coming together for bringing out the best experiences for HubWeek attendees.


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