Top Five Immersive Marketing Lessons From 2019

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Want to know who used the WOW factor best in 2019? Check out our top five immersive marketing lessons from 2019.

High Art

2019 was the year art installation became an advertising boon. Smart brands partnered with established, and at times subversive artists, to create that elusive “wow” factor.  They were able to engage consumers and passively expand their database while garnering buzz beyond the four walls of the traditional booth.

The Fifth Dimension

AR and VR aren’t going anywhere, in fact, it’s just the beginning.  2019 showed us that engaging tradeshow attendees and consumers alike can’t resist the newest gadgets. And we’re all getting a little smarter.  “Smart” tech was big on the floor at CES last winter and it’s poised to become leaner and cleaner in the new year. Be prepared for truly immersive marketing and enhanced gamification all around you!


Digitally Yours

Digitally native brands made a push to engage consumers and leveraged paid and earned media to grow on and off the trade show floor.  Let’s take a look at some cold hard numbers, and some creative ideas brought to life through immersive marketing in 2019.


Party Time! (Excellent)

Everyone loves a party, and party favors! As the year winds down, 2019 was the year that brands went all in on the fun and boasted about the bash.  Filling out a guest list became a lot easier for brands this year.  Check out some inspiring events and ideas thrown by Biz Bash and let it inspire you for the new year.


What This Means for your Brand

2019 brought fantasy, technology and truly immersive marketing experience to the fore.  By blurring the lines between engagement and art, a new world has opened up for marketers to explore.  Whether it was high art, high tech or high touch brands and consumers alike redefined their relationship.


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