Tis The Season to Use Immersive Marketing and Engaging Pop-Ups

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The holiday season is here! The #PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) is out and its cousin, the Peppermint Latte now sits upon the mantle. But with that, comes the holiday pressure for consumers and brands alike.  While cyber Monday and online shopping aren’t going away, there is a very real movement to get out and shop in a truly immersive way.

Instragamable pop-ups? Yes Please! Physical touchpoints for digitally native brands? Bring it on! Getting into the holiday spirit while having a fun time? Priceless.


Why do Pop-Ups and Immersive Marketing work so well during the holidays?

We all know the scene, a lazy Sunday spent dropping items into digital sale carts, crossing names off lists and waiting for boxes to arrive.  Or, even more familiar, sitting in front of a screen the Monday after Thanksgiving, multitasking your way through your shopping list.  Convenient, yes. Fun? Well, that’s another story. Grand Central Station in New York City recognizes the pains of shopping at the last moment and recently made the daily commute become an easy access to a “holiday fair.” Check out the video below on how Grand Central prepares a common walkway into a bustling-and-alive market for holiday shoppers.

As our time becomes more compressed we are losing out on the joy of the holidays, something that consumers are starting to crave, and marketers would be wise to respond. Pop-up shops in major cities, brand installations at night markets, and immersive experiences with digital follow-up are great ways to reach a new audience and foster the spirit of comfort and joy (and sales).


Major online retailers will be popping up everywhere this holiday season

Wayfair, which operates in the digital space, is creating immersive marketing installations at highly trafficked malls in the northeast via pop-up stores.  While smaller and seasonal brands are also getting in on the action throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Retailers like 1-800-Flowers and Harry and Davids, two gift staples, will also pop-up across the country to build up their ground game and brand awareness, even if the point of sale happens late at night via some form of screen.


The intersection of big brands and independent craftsman.  Win-Win.

Open-air markets are no longer just for the indie artist.  This millennial-driven audience now expects to encounter established retailers and heritage brands. This is the ideal environment for brands to create immersive marketing experiences to enhance brand impression and embrace the holiday cheer. Kiehl’s Gifting Workshop is a prime example of a heritage brand that smartly weaved its brand with holiday cheer. But this was no ordinary gifting pop-up shop. Check out the video to learn more.

Kiehl’s Gifting Workshop offered perfectly wrapped gifts, seasonal scents, festive decor and went above and beyond to deck their halls for the holidays. What added to this joy was the partnership the brand formed with renowned artist, Andrew Bannecker. His inspiring designs graced Kiehl’s holiday packaging and products. Mr. Bannecker was even at the event, bringing ornaments to life by drawing his signature character face on each trinket for workshop attendees. Customizable gifts and fun workshops added more to the festive spirit of the holidays.


Scarcity and limited time: using FOMO to your advantage

Fomo (Fear of missing out)  is still very real.  As consumers delve deeper into “insta” experiences, marketers can leverage that scarcity this holiday season through immersive marketing and art like installation events. From bi-coastal Schitts Creek pop-ups to promote the Pop TV network, to the New York Times inspired line, consumers will be lining up to meet their favorite “family” and brands this winter. For a limited time only, of course.

Pop-ups and immersive marketing this holiday season are on everyone’s “can’t miss” list.

People might be buying online, but they’re looking to “meet” new brands and products this holiday season.  Smart brands are using immersive marketing and brand experiences to connect with consumers and provide added value to enhance (not hinder) holiday shopping in 2019. Pop-ups add more life to the holiday season, no doubt there.

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