The WOW Factor: Leveraging Experiential Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

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Pop-ups around cities come and go with every season, co-sponsorships abound and brands bring out the brag factor.  Let’s take a look at who brought the WOW factor in 2019 and what the future may bring. 

In the pop-up-shop economy, place and time are as essential to success as what’s going on inside the stores themselves. People want to have a day out, and they want to tell their friends they bought the new print hanging in their apartment at a cute little boutique everyone else missed out on. 


Cities, Festivals and Unexpected Surprises

High-end retailers such as RH (Restoration Hardware) and Neiman Marcus are vying for consumer dollars by creating fanciful marketing experiences.  Design-inspired pop-ups create the WOW factor for tourists and locals to enhance brand experiences.

Even Starbucks is getting in on the action by creating consumer-driven, roasting experiences to help further that “high touch” brand impression that the onscreen experience could never provide. Started in the U.S., the concept went viral and recently opened its doors in Tokyo. Check out the video below, where coffee experiences have moved to a whole new level. 


SXSW and the Coveted Creative Experience Awards

Experiential marketing has become the secret weapon, prompting high profile festivals like SXSW to create a new award category to recognize this once overlooked effort.

Best Exhibition Experience was added to the coveted Arrow Awards in 2019, giving marketers a new benchmark to level up to in 2020. While Sony and Comedy Central took the title in its first year, there will be steep competition in Texas this spring. 


Fake Brands Show the Way

Even “fake” brand experiences have created a space in which to play.  Agencies and brands were all about testing theories and wow-ing consumers in 2019.  Marketers are proving the concept that pop-ups and experience drive installations have a profound impact. Check out this “April Fools” product pop-up and see the very real results. 


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