The Opportunity of Virtual Event Giveaways

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Did you know that 70% of trade show attendees engage with brands for the opportunity to receive giveaways? Whether your prospects call them swag or giveaways or tchotchkes, it’s clear that many expect to leave an event with a bag full of goodies.  These small gifts generate large numbers of leads and are clearly an essential part of a successful live trade show strategy.

In recent months, the idea of virtual events has seen tremendous growth due to the pandemic. Most industry experts agree that even after we return to live trade shows and other in-person events, we will continue to see the use of digital technologies incorporated into face-to-face events in order to create hybrid events. How does this shift in event tactics impact your lead generation and giveaway strategies? Obviously, you will not be able to provide immediate in-person swag to virtual attendees. So here’s what we are thinking.


Virtual Swag Increases Lead-Generating Opportunities

The main benefit of adding virtual elements to live events is that it expands the potential attendee universe. Those who cannot attend in person can still participate in your brand experience from their home or office. The process of signing up to access your virtual event is your brand’s first opportunity to gather prospect information. Adding virtual or digital swag to your exhibit strategy allows you to continue to collect data during and after your event, potentially from both your virtual and in-person attendees.

You can track which seminars, speeches, product demonstrations, and other activities that your attendees engaged with during your virtual event. Giveaways will help you add to your prospect information by enticing attendees to complete surveys, answer questions, ask for more information, set sales appointments, and in some cases, make purchases.  Using your CRM and other marketing automation tools, you can instantly distribute prospect data to key internal stakeholders to help push those prospects down the sales funnel.

How unique, creative, and useful your giveaways are will determine how much data you collect and how many contacts and sales you make during and after your event. The giveaways can range from a digital grab bag to a chance to win a sizable prize.  Here are some possibilities for your consideration:

– Virtual Competitions: Games can be fun, informative, and can collect a large amount of data. Other giveaways can be provided when game milestones are reached.

– Mystery Grab Bags: Create a virtual “grab bag” of downloadable giveaways like exclusive playbooks, e-books and infographics.

– Lunch Delivery: Use UBER’s new meal delivery service to send a lunch or dinner to the attendee.

– Subscriptions: Offer free subscriptions to popular online education, streaming movies, or other online activities.

– Swag Boxes: If your budget allows, you can send the same physical swag used for live events. If needed, various companies can provide the gifts and ship them for you.

– Donations: Donate to a needy organization in your attendee’s name.

– Virtual Photo Booths: Have your attendee take a virtual selfie using your custom online backgrounds.

The only limits for creating successful virtual giveaways are your budget and your event team’s imagination.

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