Samsung City Comes to Life at CES

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Samsung partnered with MC² and McKinney to create the most incredible digital cityscape ever seen at CES in Las Vegas. 

What comes to mind when you think of an entire city powered by a tech giant? Hard to imagine, right.

Introducing “Samsung City.” We made a complicated dream come to life in a matter of weeks, to become the most head-turning display at CES in Las Vegas. A massive digital cityscape covering 36,000 square feet, showcasing the latest and greatest Samsung inventions and products. The entrance, which was 26 feet high by 105 feet wide, was the most spectacular feature made up of thousands of LED modules, showcasing synchronized moving animation and digital banners.

Boasting a main street with “digital neighborhoods” displaying the latest and greatest in technology, Samsung City was the hub of innovation at its best. Visitors of the city could also capture instagrammable moments through digital discs placed in strategic areas, on which they could take wide-angle selfie shots that were displayed in live digital feeds on a social wall. Watch the tech-infused video below to get a preview of the future with Samsung.



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