Motorola Solutions Delivers Virtual Experience Across Borders

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After the live events world turned a bit upside down amid COVID-19 restrictions, Motorola Solutions looked for a new way to connect and engage their Latin America Caribbean Region. With the decision to go digital made, Motorola Solutions and MC² collaborated to turn a physical exhibit into a virtual experience. Employing a virtual experience enabled Motorola Solutions to stay connected, inform their customers and partners of new products, and collect valuable metrics to power their business decisions. 


The goal was to bring as much of the connection found in a live interaction to life, via an online platform. Attendees were to experience the ease and versatility of a virtual experience- all in the native language of the region.


The end result was a culmination of a true collaboration between Motorola Solutions and the MC² digital team. Our digital strategists and tacticians guided their team on a built-from-the-ground up exploration of best practices for creating an engaging experience.

Compelling graphics and intuitive wayfinding were melded with language and cultural nuances.

Every step of the development was carefully crafted to incorporate the language and cultural differences of a Latin American audience.

Landing page introductory video to inform attendee on what they are about to see.

The event lobby providing direct one-click access to primary offerings.

After identifying and evaluating these often-demanding requirements we architected a 2D virtual experience that included the following:

– A customized registration questionnaire that directed attendees into one of two different experience paths, Commercial or Public Safety, determined by their responses.

– An introduction/overview video that is easily updated to keep return visits fresh.

– Graphical user navigation designed to capture the client’s entire portfolio in an ecosystem allowed the attendee to manage their own opt-in experience path based on the selections they make.

– Content areas whose downloadable assets can be collected as the visitor navigates through the experience with automated reminders and downloads post-experience.

– Real-time chat with subject matter experts.

Motorola Solutions’ product Ecosystem provides a natural and ease of wayfinding for visitors.

Resource repository where every PDF asset on the site can be viewed and downloaded.


The Motorola Solutions team was provided with an effective and engaging solution for a digital experience. The collaborative effort managed to incorporate a list of ideas, such as an integrated chat support system powered by Zendesk. Our turn-key virtual experience enabled a swift turnaround.  Their team provided us with their vision and requirements, and we took it from there.

“MC² always provided us with options to meet all of our needs and requests. They provided last-minute changes to the experience and the final outcome was exactly what we wanted.”

– Guelmarie Rodriguez, Marketing Analyst, LACR

Perhaps of greatest value to Motorola Solutions’ sales teams is the robust metrics dashboard that tracks site activity levels across multiple data sets at both a macro and granular level.  MC² will continue to provide updates to this event’s platform for 6 months after launch.


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