Mack Trucks Turns the Customer Journey into Valuable Data

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MCrecently tackled a data experience challenge for Mack Trucks, and took “smart data capture” to a whole new level of smart initiatives.


The Challenge

American truck–manufacturing company, Mack Trucks, wanted to capture every aspect of the attendees’ experience at the Mid-America show to build a profile tailored to their specific interests.


The Big Idea

As experts in creating complex live marketing structures (watch our Canon install at NAB) that are conducive to lead capture, we traced every step of the customer journey as attendees toured Mack Truck’s display.


The Solution

Working with our partner Global Data Capture and using technologies like bar coding and RFID recognition, show badges were scanned at the beginning of the tour using iPads and throughout every interactive selling station. With successive “swipes,” incremental data about each customer’s interests and needs were progressively added to their profile within a database.

The Mack Truck Welcome Desk


Capturing Customer data via interactive digital aids

The attendees were then given an experiential tour of the booth using interactive sales aids that were all equipped with show badge scan capability for quick recognition of customer needs. Large touch-screen interactive stations were used to further engage and present to the attendees. When a visitor requested literature they would receive it instantly via their email address. Moreover, pre-show VIP invitations were flagged in a database and salespeople were alerted whenever a VIP customer swiped a badge at reception. (This could also have been done through RFID with the proper badge technology.)

Custom-built touch-interactive stations to engage attendees

The Results

Data collected throughout the experience not only provided targeted opportunities for sales follow up, it also informed the client on total numbers of documents requested, the flow of attendee traffic, geography of visitors and survey responses.

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