Leveraging Tech and Experiential Marketing to Promote a Brand

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Tech advances have been working overtime to catch up, meet and exceed expectations.  The early days of QR codes and clunky hardware are gone and VR, AR, and AI are here to take their places.  Experiential marketing now incorporates some or all of these tools to engage both consumers and marketers.  

Consider this… In 2018, the top 125 direct-to-consumer brands spent a total of $3.8 billion in television ads, a 60 percent increase in spending, according to a report from the Video Advertising Bureau. Yet, for all the increase in ad spend, 93 percent of consumers still claim that live and experiential events have a larger influence on them than TV ads.


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence; Oh My!

Though VR has been on the trade show circuit for some time, it was often seen more like a gimmick than a benefit.  That has changed now that the actual technology has started to live up to the hype. With the consumer-facing introduction of Oculus Quest, many of the problems for users and marketers alike have been removed. 

But really, the Quest’s magic all comes down to roomscale, and how the effect changes the way we interact with VR. When your real legs move you through a virtual space, it simply feels real. This is the Star Trek holodeck, come to life.


Tech, More Tech and Art

Peak into the art world to see AR in action, and how it can enhance real-world experiences.  And they are nailing it with a healthy combination of tech, creativity and reality. While partnerships between artists and brands are more tech-focused, smart marketers are integrating this into their efforts.  It’s a build layered on a build, with breathtaking results.

#BringArtToLife is a popular Twitter hashtag that showcases the latest digital exhibitions using state-of-the-art AR, especially with the upcoming Artivive App. They use augmented reality to bring in physical experiences in the art world.


We believe in a healthy mix of technology and human experiences to produce the best experiential marketing. Check out what we did for Toyota at Hubweek.


Toyota Mirai Gets Angel Wings

Using AR technology, we immersed attendees within Toyota’s brand story of the Mirai, their latest hybrid vehicle.  It was a high impact enhancement to a traditional activation. Instagram-worthy shots featuring an “Angel Wings” mural, this installation creatively incorporated the actual doors of a Toyota Mirai for a captivating social media experience.


Industry insiders are increasingly applying AI, observing how it works and how it can work for brands. IBM has been one of the leading forces to incorporate the technology on all marketing fronts through communication and experience-driven efforts. 

More than 2 billion messages passed between brands and consumers last year. It’s a space IBM sees artificial intelligence reshaping. Since 2016, IBM has run advertising experiences using Watson AI capabilities, including in the food, travel, toy, and home and garden sectors.


Eyes Open: With CES rolling down the line, be sure to check out new and emerging tech. Get in touch to highlight your brand with the latest tech and experiential mix. 



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