Hispanic Heritage Month with Rodrigo Espinosa

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From September 15th to October 15th, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating the histories, contributions, and cultural influence of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Americas. With over 62 million Hispanics living within the United States, it’s evident the importance and impact Hispanics have had in our country, society, and home-grown businesses with MC² being no different.

We will be celebrating and recognizing #HispanicHeritageMonth by spotlighting members of our workforce coming from Hispanic decent through a series of employee Q&A’s telling their stories through video and/or written format.


This week, we’re recognizing Rodrigo Espinosa, Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Strategy out of our San Francisco office.

Q: Let’s start off with the basics – what is your name and title?
Rodrigo: My name is Rodrigo Espinosa and I’m the SVP of Strategy & Marketing for MC².

Q: How would you identify yourself as part of the Hispanic Community? 
Rodrigo: I am Peruvian, however, I consider myself to be more bi-cultural as I was raised in the United States with deep Latin/Peruvian roots. We would spend every month, every year, every summer in Peru with family and my father, so we had a very unique bi-cultural upbringing with one foot in the United States culture, and everything it represents, and one foot in the Peruvian culture and all the positives that it represents. It was our normal.

Q: What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? 
Rodrigo: Hispanic Heritage Month means the highlighting & up-lifting of Hispanics and their contributions.

Q: How have you carried your Hispanic heritage with you to this day? 
Rodrigo: It’s definitely helped me to be comfortable in two different cultures and be working in a profession where we span the globe work with diverse audiences to get understand what drives those audience behaviors. Having been able brought up my entire life in these two different cultures and environments has helped me a lot with having empathy for different groups and what experiences we create with our global programs across the world.

Q: Have you felt any impact in your professional career that has benefited from your Hispanic upbringing? 
Rodrigo: Absolutely. The ability to have one foot not just in the American culture, but also within the Latin/Peruvian culture, has broaden my empathy and understanding of different audiences, their needs and desires. It has also helped in my marketing expertise and leadership roles having led the Latin American market for five years for a global agency creating programs for brands including Facebook, Netflix, HBOMAX, IBM, Toyota, and more!  

Q: What values or traits do you look to incorporate into your day-to-day working with your peers that have carried over from your culture?  
Rodrigo: Relationships first. The Latin American culture is very centered on conversation and knowing the people you do business with, beyond the transaction. I try and carry that mindset into my daily interactions and make an earnest attempt to know my peers beyond our work situations. It’s both more rewarding personally and (I believe) makes for better business results as well. Getting to know the whole person, pays many dividends.  

I take great responsibility in being on the forefront of allowing others to come into this industry from different cultures, whether it’s Hispanic or other minority groups from different geographies giving space for their voices to be heard setting the example of empathy, which means sitting back and and listening to understand what it’s like to get out of our own bubble that we all live in and create for ourselves. It’s important to get out of those bubbles and reside in other bubbles for a while to understand what that looks like.

I like the fact we’re able to opening doors and space, not just in MC² but across the industry as a whole for a cultural diversity.

Not sure how you could celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? Here’s a quick guide to get you started!


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