Canon Captures ComplexCon

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Chart breaking musicians, top tier brands, and a flood of influencers took over Long Beach, California for the 4th annual ComplexCon at the Long Beach Convention Center. 

MC², in partnership with Canon, was on the ground to engage this B2B and B2C product, hungry crowd. Working with partner agencies, MC² helped to bring an artistic vision to life and grab the attention of Gen Y and Gen Z attendees.  

What We Did

The “sick camera bag,” as imagined and created by the Canon Co-Lab was the featured product, however, there was a larger ask: promote the benefits of photography as an art form deserving of the right tools. 

Drawing on years of experience, MC² provided insight into the technical aspects of construction, challenging both agency and client to focus on the smallest of angles, lighting, space and sound to best reflect the intention of the installation. Check out how social influencers took the camera with the Co-Lab concept, promoted on Twitter. 

This provided valuable insight and made for a seamless on-site build, complete with hidden closets for the 12-person team tasked with running the booth without disrupting the attendee experience.  This was more than a booth build, it was a creative challenge to engineer. Working with Canon and partner agencies, MC² applied years of experience to help realize their ideas. View the video below as Sean lew shows the entire Canon booth with the experiential “29 rooms” effect, as he interviews fellow creative artists and guests. 

Designers and craftsmen built and outfitted the entire concept at our in-house construction site on the east coast. There was a full test run, from lights, to sound, to projections.  All creative partners worked on-site to adjust and perfect the concept before its debut out west.

Get more insights in this Co-Create video with Canon that celebrates creativity and style.

Why We Did It

MC² knows the power of influencers and was compelled to draw them in using Instagram-worthy backdrops and inspired design. ComplexCon attendees needed to be drawn to the “sick camera bag” and suite of cameras and accessories.

Since most content creators are relying on smartphones, not cameras to showcase products, it was a great opportunity to show Canon’s superior quality. Every detail had to be perfect to best highlight the value in shooting with the Canon brand.

Using mirrored rooms, inspired silk flower arrangements and carefully designed displays, the Canon Co-Lab artists were able to engage with attendees. Product was sold while projections displayed the capabilities to inspire all walks of photographers. Oh, and did we mention this was all contained in a giant replica of a Canon Camera?

Why It Worked

ComplexCon is a festival, fueled by art, food and culture. Attendees come primed for an experience with a side of commerce.  As first-time attendees to the event, MC² felt compelled to test the installation from every vantage point and ensure a truly immersive marketing experience. Through thoughtful research, partnership and imagination, MC² was able to compete in a crowded space and continue to help Canon imprint itself on this highly coveted audience.

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