5 Ways to Capture Experiential Event Data

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We’ve heard it before. Live events and data collection go hand in hand. But most event professionals don’t know how to capture data at live events and how to use that information once they have it. According to “The Power of Live Event Data,” a research report developed by Cvent and Event Marketer, only 29% of event professionals feel that their organizations are effective at collecting data.

What about the other 71%?

Finding the right platforms or software solutions to collect live event data can be difficult. With all of the options that are currently available, it’s hard to know what technology you should integrate into the event lifecycle. We’re here to break down your options and help you leverage technology that will transform your events.

How to Use Technology to Collect Live Event Data

Today, event professionals are using technology with more traditional data collection methods to gain valuable insights about attendees and enhance the overall event experience. The implementation of smart data capture tools helps to foster communication with attendees on-site, prepare you for valuable follow-up conversations, and influence your future event marketing strategy.

1. Implement Event Registration Systems

Registration forms are the number one way event organizers collect on-site data. Gone are the days of manually signing into an event and filling out lengthy applications. Instead, new technology, like self-service kiosks, has completely transformed the registration process. Eighty-eight percent of attendees agree that these new technologies improve their event experience and create a more streamlined, efficient check-in process. Not only will you provide a better experience for the attendee, but you’ll get all the relevant information you need to see who is at your event and how you can reach them for follow-ups once they leave.

2. Develop a Mobile Event App

Today, it’s rare to see someone without their phone in hand. More and more event professionals are creating mobile event apps that not only help to enhance attendees’ event experience but also provide a simple way to collect data. Analyzing users’ in-app engagement provides valuable insights, like attendance patterns that let you know what sessions knocked it out of the park and which ones struck out. Other features built into your app, like an event schedule and messaging system, allow you to see which tools attendees are using most to make their event experience seamless.

3. Track Social Media Activity

The real world and the digital world are intrinsically linked; it’s rare that one exists without the other. So it makes sense that tracking social media activity is one of the leading ways event professionals capture data at live events.

Fusing social into your live events will allow you to see what attendees are buzzing about and sharing. It’s also a great way to engage with your audience and share news with them. Hop on Twitter for on-the-minute session updates or go live on Facebook and Instagram to increase your reach and inform attendees on event happenings. Don’t forget – you can also encourage and incentivize attendees to share their experience with an event-specific hashtag, which you can track during and after the event.

4. Conduct On-Site Surveys

Digital forms and surveys have long replaced clipboards and tedious paper questionnaires. Electronic surveys, when formatted right, can boast a remarkable completion rate. Forms can be customized based on the person or client you are speaking with so that the questions are relevant to them and the responses are helpful for you. Through digital surveys, you can get a sense of how attendees feel about the event, including sessions, speakers, and ticket pricing so that you can plan accordingly for your next show and ensure that it’s flawless.

5. Use RFID Wristband or Badge Technology

We’ve all seen the traditional ways exhibitors scan barcodes or QR codes to collect data. RFID wristband and badge technology is an innovative way to capture live event data while also creating an ultimate user experience tailored to the individual. MC² and Global Data Capture helped Mack Trucks create a booth complete with RFID and interactive lead capture technology for the Mid-America show. Their booth included interactive sales aids that were equipped with show badge scan capability for quick recognition of customer needs and provide specific information for follow-ups.

Whether you’re using technology at events to gather sales contacts or view attendees’ event-going patterns, data collection provides can provide you with valuable information that will influence your marketing journey. We’re here to help you implement the right technology for your next event. Talk to an experiential expert at MC² today.


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