Download: Sales vs. Marketing: Who’s Got the Lead?

Companies with a strong sales and marketing alignment achieve a 20% annual growth in revenue. (Source:

That alignment can only be achieved with by a supportive and cooperative relationship between sales and marketing. According to the CMO Council, 38% of CMOs say that aligning and integrating sales and marketing is a top priority this year. But only 30% have a clear process or program to make this priority a reality.As this paper shows, however, that the rivalry is deep seated and can be divisive.

As this paper points out, understanding the new paradigm for buyer behavior will point to ways Sales and Marketing can align and smooth a customer's path to purchase.

Download "Sales vs. Marketing: Who's Got the Lead" and find out why you should stop thinking that Sales and Marketing are different.

"In the business that I’m in, we see the clash, in all its splendor, on the trade show floor. Marketing driving with a roadmap labeled “strategy” and “branding” while Sales is running on relationships, referrals and a prayer." — Rob Murphy, CMO, MC²


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