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Featured Author on Business 2 CommunityThe more you know about the exhibit industry the easier it is to communicate, innovate and succeed. We encourage you to continue to learn. The booklets, papers and articles listed here are one way to do that. We contribute regularly to the content aggregation web site

Another way is to attend seminars and conferences. We are the founding sponsor for the EXHIBITORFastTrak seminar series. EXHIBITORFastTrak can get you your CTSM in record time.

We hope you take some time to read, learn and enjoy!

MC2 Insights ›› 
Quick takes on topics to help you as an exhibit marketer and communicator.

Face-to-Face Essentials ››
Whether you are a newly minted exhibit planner or a seasoned professional, this series of articles offers down-to-earth ideas for making the most of your exhibit program. Topics: Brand consistency, show communications, leads, measurement, value of events.

Eco-Friendly Exhibiting ››
These articles and tips serve as a reminder that green practices in our industry still have a long way to go. Selection includes a Powerpoint ready for presentation at your next planning meeting.

Event Marketing eBooks ››
Two of our ebooks tackle the questions of why we should exhibit and how to be eco-friendly. The third is for your customers -- a primer on getting the most out of going to a trade show. Feel free to share!

White Papers & Articles ››
These articles take a deeper dive into the value of virtual events, planning proprietary/private events, holding green meetings, the impact of mobile devoices and social media on exhibiting and the results of a survey on the future of exhibiting.

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